How Much Content Is Too Much Content?

How Much Content Is Too Much Content?

Content creation and marketing is difficult, especially determining the type of content, the topics, how to distribute, how often to distribute and whether it is effective. And, with the ability to reach target audiences faster comes the need for more content that stands out. So, how much is too much?

In today’s social and digital environment, consumers look for an experience. Whether that experience is 500 words, 1,500 words, a visual or a four-minute video does not matter. What matters is its relevance. Content must be specific to what your audience is looking for. While a lot of content is useful, quality is more important that quantity. Brands are remembered for great content — not the amount of content — so be sure it is relatable and worth your audience’s time.

Other factors to consider are attention span (which is shrinking) and that most digital content is viewed on mobile devices. The challenge is to reach your audience on your site before they move on. A large part of deciding the amount and relevance of content is knowing your audience and their response to your current content. Assessing their characteristics, demographics, engagement and buying habits can enhance content and sales.

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