Helpful Tips for Visual Content Marketing

Helpful Tips for Visual Content Marketing

Visuals can improve the success of content marketing and social media strategies by increasing traffic, clicks and conversions. Studies show that content with images get many more views than content without images.

This year, visual content (especially videos) was a powerful tool for brands to communicate with consumers. To keep pace with this trend, consider these tips to leverage your visual content:

Use interesting and self-explanatory visuals. Visuals can add value to your content and simplify your message. Whether serious, humorous or informative, they can be effective storytellers.

Utilize a variety of visual types and formats. Consider different ways to visually present your content, like turning statistics into charts, adding screenshots to tutorials and creating infographics to show processes.

Add social media buttons to visuals. Make it easy for consumers to share your images, videos and infographics on social media. Social sharing buttons are useful and lead to more publicity.

Share visuals across all channels. Cross-promotion helps spread your content and your message more broadly. Be sure to comply with proper image sizes for all social networks.

To learn more about using visuals as part of your overall marketing strategy to achieve better results, contact Tolmao Group.

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