Event Marketing:

China leads the online-to-offline (O2O) revolution that is supported by its advancements in technologies and the continuous pursuit for convenience. Events constitutes an offline marketing strategy. It can include conferences, seminars, workshops, parties, fundraisers and many more. Whether you are looking to launch a new product, network or build a community, offline marketing is often the way to begin. Gain early adopters and followers of the community via offline events. Word-of-mouth generated from offline interactions will provide a good headstart for your brand’s awareness.

Our Expertise

Offline events are currently the most crucial part of any marketing strategy. We craft offline-to-online strategies that merge and increase your online consumer base. Our marketing specialists are trained in designing events tailored to the needs and identity of your brand.

  • Ideation

    We craft your ideas to form into a cohesive theme that appeals to the target audience.

  • Outreach

    Reaching out to relevant partners and guest speakers to play a part in the event.

  • Design

    Design marketing materials such as event page, posters, banners and graphic content.

  • Promotion

    With the extensive community network that we’ve build over the years, we promote your event to the right communities and target audience.