During Coronavirus Outbreak, Companies Get Creative Marketing to Consumers

During Coronavirus Outbreak, Companies Get Creative Marketing to Consumers

Many companies have been impacted by the coronavirus and the efforts in China to stop the virus from spreading. Following an extended Lunar New Year holiday in some areas, the closing of many offices and shops, and lockdowns in cities across the country, foreign companies are figuring out how to best focus on business.

As millions of people return to work, safety is of upmost importance. Many companies are allowing staff to work from home. Others are checking the temperature of those returning to the office and tracking whereabouts, particularly for those who use public transportation. Still for others, like those that rely on delivery services, traditional ways of operating are not possible due to the current conditions and restrictions of the virus outbreak.

As a result, international brands are being creative in how they market to consumers and adopting new ways of progressing business. Pierre Ledent, the leading supplier of premium luxury chocolates, is successfully using interactive HTML5 campaigns and inventive designs to capture the attention of app users. By creating a fantasy of luxury with sweets that is intriguing and desirable, chocolatier Pierre Ledent has been able to appeal to Chinese consumers forced to stay inside or under quarantine to protect their health and wellbeing during the coronavirus epidemic.

For consumers, the campaigns effectively pair the finest chocolates with elements of devotion and indulgence, promoting an uplifting outlook despite today’s difficult circumstances.

For Pierre Ledent, the campaigns enable the company to effectively market and deliver its premium Belgium chocolates to consumers, while developing business and preserving brand loyalty.

For foreign companies that want to promote their products to consumers during the coronavirus outbreak and maintain business activities, innovative digital and online promotional tactics can be successful. Whether the approach is via app, social media, or advertising, it is important that companies think outside of the box in terms of ways to stay in touch with consumers and sustain business during unprecedented times. Additionally, while promoting brand awareness and upholding consumer relationships, these campaigns are inspiring, heartening and low cost.

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