Digital BootCampAsia and PrecisionBiotics Share Healthy Aspects of Essential Oils

Digital BootCampAsia and PrecisionBiotics Share Healthy Aspects of Essential Oils

This past September, Digital Bootcamp Asia, powered by marketing agency Tolmao Group, and PrecisionBiotics teamed up with ANOIF Essential Oil as part of its continuing effort to focus on a healthy, balanced lifestyle. With a mission to inspire the entrepreneur community in Shanghai that want to excel in today’s digital world through a series of workshops, forums, panel discussions, and networking events, this session highlighted the healthy aspects of essential oils, aromatherapy, and embracing change.

Held at one of WeWork’s central locations, expert guest speaker, Fiona [Name], Founder of ANOIF Essential Oil, explained the various benefits of essential oils, which go well beyond their fragrant smell. Most enlightening was the learning that they can heal a person’s mind and physiology, relieve pain, and maintain personal well-being through massages – all therapeutic merits needed in today’s fast-paced lifestyle of juggling busy schedules, working long hours, and managing the pressure of constant change.

Essential oils can be relaxing and health-giving, especially when feeling overwhelmed and unwell. Basically, the oils capture a plant’s specific scent and flavor, and unique aromatic compounds give each essential oil a particular characteristic. Most commonly used in aromatherapy, essential oils can be inhaled or diluted and rubbed on the skin. Their aromas are stimulating, positively affecting emotions and behaviors. Besides improving moods and calming anxiety, essential oils are also known to influence specific health conditions like headaches, nausea, and eczema. For example, lavender relieves stress. Coconut moisturizes skin and hair. Mint and blue gel eucalyptus boost energy and aid with digestion.

To be even more effective, essential oils can be combined with other products to enhance their therapeutic use. For instance, by mixing them with Zenflore, PrecisionBiotics’ food supplement to reduce fatigue and support mental performance, they help ease physical discomfort and relax the mind. Bringing together essential oils with probiotics can assist with total well-being, both physically and mentally, leading to happiness overall.

We want to thank everyone who joined this event and made it a success. 

For information about upcoming events with PrecisionBiotics and achieving a healthy and balanced lifestyle, please visit Digital Bootcamp Asia.

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