[DBA Podcast #9] Running a Successful Wedding Planning Business with Cyrielle Mohara

[DBA Podcast #9] Running a Successful Wedding Planning Business with Cyrielle Mohara

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Cyrielle Mohara is a French entrepreneur, She started her career designing jewelry for very specialized customers all over Europe and Asia gaining deep experience and knowledge in both markets.

After moving to China for love AND opportunities, Cyrielle started Spectrum Agency, currently one of the most sought-after luxury events and wedding planners in China. Having a strong business background and a very particular style and French flair in her work, she has grown the company quickly and now designs opulent destination weddings for a discerning clientele.

She is the only French wedding planner in China and speaks fluent Mandarin, English, and French.

She has been invited as a speaker to destination weddings congresses, Female entrepreneurs conferences. She is passionate about the luxury lifestyle, travel, design, and female leadership.

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