[DBA Podcast #7] How should companies weather uncertainties in China with Arie Schreier, General Manager at PTL Group

[DBA Podcast #7] How should companies weather uncertainties in China with Arie Schreier, General Manager at PTL Group

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Arie Schreier has over 20 years of management experience with companies and diplomatic missions throughout Asia, Australia, and South America. He has spent the last 17 years managing logistics, administration, HR, recruiting, finance, and manufacturing operations for foreign companies in China.

Since the year 2005, Arie fulfilled the role of  COO and VP Sales and Marketing of PTL Group and since  2014 he has been nominated as General Manager of PTL Group – China. 

Arie has worked with more than 300 international companies, managing and supporting their sales, logistics, and manufacturing operations in the challenging China market. He has also been involved in operational audits as well as turnaround and transformation projects for foreign-owned entities in China. As one of the founders of the China Industrial Initiative (CI3), he is actively involved in the establishment and management of several manufacturing facilities in the country.

Arie holds a Master Degrees in Entrepreneurship and Innovation from Swinburne University in Melbourne, Australia, and Public Administration from Tel Aviv University, as well as a BA in Political Science and International Relations from Tel Aviv University.

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