[DBA Podcast #5] Female Entrepreneurship in China with Emily.T.Y Cheung, Founder of Shake to Win

[DBA Podcast #5] Female Entrepreneurship in China with Emily.T.Y Cheung, Founder of Shake to Win

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Emily.T.Y Cheung


Emily is co-founder of the fast-growing SAAS travel platform, “Shake To Win,” (STW) launched in 2017. STW is a global travel lifestyle platform for outbound Chinese independent travelers and leading European travel destinations and suppliers. STW’s mission is to help preserve cultural heritage across countries through sustainable tourism.


Emily is an avid adventurer, which has allowed her to set foot on all five continents and in over 60 countries and 200 cities, and to share her experiences through her travel blog and published journals. With over 13 years of a digital marketing agency and data analytics experience, Emily is Co-Founder and Chief Growth Officer of CREATEC, a full-service cross-culture award-winning communications agency founded in 2014 and recently named China Advertising’s 2017,2018,2019 Independent Ad Agency of the Year. She has nourished the growth and transformation of the agency as well as many of its clients including brands such as Ballantine’s, Coty Group, Zegna, C-Trip, Descente, GNC, Anta Group, VF group, Walmart China. She is also Co-Founder of Shanghai Creative Collective (SCC), a dynamic non-profit community of the city’s top young creative professionals, where she helps produce its slate of MADNESS events and more.

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