[DBA Podcast #2] Journey to China with Marco Gervasi, founder of The Red Synergy

[DBA Podcast #2] Journey to China with Marco Gervasi, founder of The Red Synergy

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Marco Gervasi

We invited Marco Gervasi, Founder of The Red Synergy,  a company that provides legal and related-to-legal services for set-up or restructuring of investment projects in China, to share his journey to China.

Marco Gervasi is one of the world’s leading experts on China’s e-commerce and IoT. He is the founder and managing director of The Red Synergy where he provides management consulting assistance to leading international and Chinese companies, venture capital funds, and Internet platforms investing both in and out of China.

Marco is the world-acclaimed author of: “East-Commerce, A Journey Through China e-Commerce and the Internet of Things” the first book on China e-commerce and IOT now published in 3 languages (Hoepli 2015, Wiley 2016, Citic China Press 2016). Marco has over sixteen years of senior corporate management experience in China. He is a keynote speaker at international conferences on technology, a guest writer for various newspapers and magazines both in Asia and Europe, and an active technology blogger. Connect with Marco on LinkedIn.

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