Cultivating Experiences through Offline Events

Cultivating Experiences through Offline Events

Despite all things being online and mobile, these marketing channels for connecting with customers are evolving every day. And while creating a WeChat program and sending push notifications are effective tactics, the most successful marketing strategies combine online and offline programs to generate leads and drive sales. As a result, offline events have become popular. They attract a target audience with a real-life invitation to engage – or experience – a brand and what it makes or represents. They are hands-on and memorable. Offline events are important because they catch the attention of an audience by cultivating an experience that leads to future business.

Brand experiences come to life during the production of offline events. Every detail from the creative ideas to onsite support to the food and beverage is managed for the event. A live event has many moving parts, including venue sourcing, staffing, security, registration, food and beverage, and technology to name a few. It requires an organized effort to execute. With the right team, events are accomplished without any problems and can be extremely successful. Offline events include a variety of services:

  • Venue, logistics, and catering management (contracts, permits, insurance)
  • Speakers/presenters (identifying, confirming, logistics, management)
  • Activities/entertainment
  • Backdrop design
  • Publicity/promotion (online/offline, media relations, social media, signage)
  • Registration (online/onsite, payment, tracking; sign-in)
  • Photo and video support
  • Onsite support

Tolmao Group is a full-service agency that develops strategic marketing plans that include compelling offline events. They unite brands with their target audiences through live experiences, digital engagement, and traditional marketing. With insight, creativity, and perfect execution, they bring brand messages to life. To produce a successful offline event, contact Tolmao Group.

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