Coping with Challenges of Lockdown in Shanghai

Coping with Challenges of Lockdown in Shanghai

Shanghai’s effort to control the spread of Covid remains in place, and lockdown can be challenging for people and businesses alike. While the situation may not be ideal, what is most important is the reaction it, because it can make or break emotional health, overall perspective and future success.

One way to respond to a restrictive lifestyle is to be frustrated, angry and resistant, which leads to being inefficient and unproductive. A better way to react is to focus on a positive mindset, be open-minded and forward-thinking, and turn obstacles into opportunities. Lockdown has provided rare spare time to learn a new skill, to make a lifestyle change, and to restructure or test an innovative business model.

For individuals, adopting an adaptive mindset can help themselves as well as their businesses improve capabilities and overcome the unexpected. For companies, taking advantage of new opportunities and preparing for different ways of working can provide a sense of direction and shape corporate culture and business strategy.

Tolmao Group, a one-stop business solutions provider that assists companies doing business in China, is helping companies make the most of this uncertain time and turn the situation’s unpredictability into constructive improvements and fruitful growth.

The agency’s founder, Natasha Fang, recently polled her followers on LinkedIn to learn their views about whether or not it was a good time to invest in China. Of the 400 respondents, 57% said no, 27% said yes and the rest said maybe.

The comments shared by respondents provided interesting insight, as well. Based on the type of business, some said sustaining business has been difficult. As a result of limited resources, a lack of transparency with information and uncertainties around the economic downfall, new product releases have been put on hold as well as business trips. Others have adapted to working from home, doing all meetings online and combining offline and online solutions for the services and consulting they do. They have found creative ways to be productive and make progress utilizing online platforms in a collaborative way. Still others have considered opportunities outside of China to be more diverse and drive revenue.

Despite the challenges of doing business during the lockdown, many revealed how they were keeping active and maintaining a positive mindset. Among the most popular activities noted were cooking, exercising and yoga. These activities contribute to maintaining a healthy work/life balance, which helps clear the mind, set realistic goals and expectations, and support overall well-being. 

They cited guided meditations as effective for relaxing, sleeping and focusing. Additionally, they said writing and reviewing a list of priorities was useful for a number of reasons. It helped with compartmentalizing projects, was gratifying for understanding what is important and immediate, and deemed essential for maintaining organization.

As people and their companies take this time to assess their business models, consider contacting Tolmao Group for assistance. Rooted in Shanghai, China, the one-stop agency specializes in tailor-made integrated marketing strategies. With services spanning online and offline marketing solutions, social media management, business localization, e-commerce, paid advertising, data analysis and more, Tolmao Group helps ensure successful business in China regardless of the situation.

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