Alipay supports transfer to Wechat, QQ friends

Alipay supports transfer to Wechat, QQ friends

On October 16, it was reported that the Alipay app was able to transfer money to users of wechat, QQ, Weibo, nailing and other platforms via QR codes.

Alipay users click the “To wechat friends” option on the home page, enter the transfer amount and generate a QR code. After the user shares the QR code with the payee via wechat, etc., the payee can scan the QR code and receive the amount itself.

When transferring money, the transferring party can set up the scan code for receiving, verify the first name for receiving, set specific users for receiving three conditions, a single transfer of up to 2000 yuan.

However, in fact, the function is not transferred from Alipay account to Wechat account. It will still be transferred from the remitter’s Alipay account to the payee’s Alipay account, and then received by the payee’s Alipay account, but the middle can be sent through Wechat and other two-dimensional code platforms to receive a message. In addition, the user also needs to share the Alipay album in this process.

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