Alipay direct integration with Weibo Mini Programs

Alipay direct integration with Weibo Mini Programs

Breaking News for September 17th: According to the media “Tech Planet” (Tech星球)(ID:tech618) , Alipay’s mini programs will soon achieve comprehensive and seamless integration with Weibo in three major aspects: scenarios, products and platforms. Currently there are three main ways that Weibo users can access Alipay mini programs: private messages, Weibo user homepage and the top Alipay mini programs that they follow.

Private message sharing is the first sharing scenario. Users can privately message and share Alipay mini program with other Weibo’s individual users and communities. Weibo personal page is the important “private domain flow” of Big V(KOL). Currently, some Big V are added to the white list to test such integration and they are able to add mini programs to their own personal home page.

Another important gateway is the Weibo news feed. But how do Weibo avoid the distribution of mini-programs that may affect the user experience? Currently only those users are being added to white list and service mini programs that are granted to distribute. Distribution frequency is also strictly limited, such as content can be shared only once per hour.

In addition, Weibo’s popular content can be shown via Alipay mini programs, such as Alipay’s lifestyle service and city service accounts.

Data shows that monthly active users of Alipay’s mini program have reached 401 million, whereas Weibo’s monthly active users has reached 486 million. Through this integration, Alipay and Weibo now have total 250 million common users, which is a huge amount not only in Chinese marketing, but also on a global scale.

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