Adapting Your Business to the New Normal

Adapting Your Business to the New Normal


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The COVID-19 pandemic is disrupting our everyday lives and creating an unexpected level of uncertainty for entrepreneurs.

It’s time to revisit your short term goal as well as planning the long-term business continuity plan. At Digital Bootcamp Asia, we aim to bring a group of entrepreneurs, business owners together to discover and brainstorm what lessons can be learned and therefore, to create contingency plans and equip your business with a strategic vision that takes into account the changing landscape.

We’ve invited panelists from different industries to share their insights and points of view on how you shall adapt your business to the current business environment.


Event language: English 


Event type : 

Panel Discussion & Networking Event

*Please noted that the panel discussion section will be live on Zoom.



  • What are the challenges you face during COVID-19?
  • How should you react to this crisis and confront the new reality?
  • Have you revisited your go-to-market strategy?
  • What are the adjustments you have made on your business during the outbreak?
  • Have you reshared the company’s purpose and focus on employees?
  • Are you working on achieving stability and planning for future growth?



Chris Jessick

Partner, Digital Bootcamp Asia

Chris Jessick is a creative director, filmmaker, and international marketing specialist currently living in Shanghai where he conducts business throughout China, and also across the global marketplace of art, design, and new media. As Partner of Digital Bootcamp Asia, Chris hosts cross-industry lifestyle events that promote unique dialogue between creative and other professional industries.



Alex Duncan

Co-Founder & Product Lead, KAWO

Alex leads the small and growing team at KAWO where their mission is to help global brands to be loved on social media in China. 4 years ago he co-founded KAWO and for the first 18 months lead the design and wrote all the front-end code alongside Brian Van Damme. Now the team has grown he acts as a product manager and evangelist for KAWO driving the growth of the company.

KAWO connects teams across the globe providing data insights, greater transparency, and increased efficiency. We help international brands in China be more authentic and consistent on social media. Founded in 2013, KAWO’s experienced team is focused on delivering high-quality solutions allowing our clients to iterate fast in China’s rapidly changing social landscape.

Arie Schreier

General Manager, PTL Group

Arie Schreier specializes in management in Trust the operations of foreign companies in China i.e.: Logistics, manufacturing, HR, Financial, and marketing operations.


Jean-Christophe Gaffier

Co-Founder, CorpoRank

CorpoRank: understand your employee turnover, clarify your performance, reduce your corporate risks, finally increase easily your turnover

What I do:

An objective vision on how to increase your turnover.

We guide you to improve turnover and the relationship with your customers.

We reduce internal tensions, between employees and management.

We give improvement points regarding customer satisfaction and employee satisfaction.

Jon Newton

Co-Founder, Life Solutions

With over 18 years of China experience, Jon is a fluent Mandarin speaker with a dynamic background which includes a Chinese MBA, a Chartered Management Accountant (UK), and a member of the University of Cambridge Entrepreneurship Launchpad.

Jon is also an Adjunct Professor at Fudan University and SKEMA Business School, lecturing Cross-Cultural Negotiations and Entrepreneurship in China, and regularly gives Chinapreneur talks to visiting business schools and keynote speeches on local business insights.

After spending 4 years in corporate retail sourcing, factory relations, and quality management, Jon took the plunge into entrepreneurship in 2008. He has since then successfully built China-based companies in the sustainability services sector and has also had a hit and miss attempts in building sports brands in China. He openly shares his successes and failures in his talks and lectures.

Natasha Fang

Founder, Tolmao Group

Natasha is a seasoned expert and futurist in marketing and promoting products, people, and businesses. She is a proven brand builder, business leader, and strategic thinker with the ability to balance innovative ideas with analytical problem-solving. She has a consistent track record of achieving results for brands through innovation, collaboration, and hands-on execution.

Natasha is the Founder and CEO of Tolmao Group, a leading integrated marketing agency headquartered in Shanghai City, China. Recognized for original content, persuasive digital marketing strategies, interactive website designs, and influential event marketing campaigns, she has worked with a variety of clients.

Natasha’s success in helping brands maximize their potential reaching Chinese consumers lead to the creation of Digital Bootcamp Asia, a hub for marketing experts throughout Asia. This innovative project helps entrepreneurs maximize their marketing efforts with a platform for progressive programs, online publications, offline events, and solutions for effective business.

Motivated by her inquisitive nature and cleverness, Natasha has become a well-respected expert in the field. Continuously sharing her knowledge and forward-thinking ideas with others, she has authored a collection of articles on how brands can excel in China with successful digital campaigns.


Agenda : 

6:40 – 7:20 Registration

7:20 – 8:30 Panel Discussion

8:30 – 9:00 Networking


Transportation Directory :

Parking guide:

1. The vehicle enters from No. 899, Pudong South Road, and informs the security guard to go to the 18th floor of the T3 office building to participate in the event.

2. Enter the P1 floor of the T3 office building along the driveway and park the vehicle in the designated area.

3. Take the passenger elevator to the lobby on the 1st floor and transfer to the elevator to the 18th floor.

By taxi:

1. The vehicle enters from No. 899, Pudong South Road, and informs the security guard to go to the 18th floor of the T3 office building to participate in the event.

2. Go to Century Avenue along the driveway and stop at the T3 office building.


By subway:

1. Exit 3 of  Dongchang Road Station, Metro Line 2, the building on the right-hand side of the station is the T3 office building of Lujiazui Financial  Plaza.

2. Exit No. 1 of the Metro Line 9 Mall Road Station, turn east to Nanquan North Road,  turn left, and then turn left to Century Avenue.

By car:

Set location to be Subway Line 2 Dongchang Road Subway Station Exit 3



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