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While people in China are fighting together against one enemy, the Covid-19 (Coronavirus), we see how people support one another, how government is trying their best to bring the city back to live at full speed, how new policies been applied to support local and foreign businesses including reducing rental fees; waiving highway transportation costs from Feb 17th until the virus becomes under control.

At Tolmao Group, an integrated marketing agency headquartered in Shanghai, China and our sub-brand Digital Bootcamp Asia, we aim to find the shared values for our clients and our community. If you need any free marketing consultation, ideas on how to better serve your clients online, channels to cross promote your message and discover exciting affiliate programs to market your products/services, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us via WeChat official accounts Tolmao and Digital Bootcamp Asia.

It would be our great pleasure to support you during these difficult times to prepare yourself for the brighter future for your business success in China.